Thursday, 24 September 2009

Gallery 84 Art Exhibition Special Part 4

This is the final selection of kid's work, again all from the Southend area. I'll round up tomorrow with the last few adult pieces.

Amelie, aged 6 (Coloured pencil and marker)

These three are by Molly, aged 6 (Pencil, marker and felt pen)

The next two are by Jessica, aged 7 (Pencil, felt tip pen and marker)

Taylor, aged 7 (pencil and coloured pencil)

Molly Lee, aged 10 (Pencil, felt tip pen and marker)

Hugo, aged 11 (Coloured pencil and marker)

Archie, aged 6 (Coloured pencil and marker)


  1. Some are just out there, but such imagination!

  2. Oh man, I am loving these so very much. They are all so totally neat. Molly Lee's jigsaw puzzle-piece man is not only really creative and well-rendered, but perhaps one of the scarier versions of a monster I've seen mostly represented as misunderstood or melancholy or humorous here. So not only do I agree with Wings above, but to imaginative, I would like to add gutsy, since these kids really seem to be delving to a darker, more uncomfortable space.

  3. Maybe some film companies should get kids to design their monsters, we'd certainly get some original and scary creations. After all only children know what's really under the bed and in their wardrobes when the lights go out.
    It was fascinating to watch the children create these monsters, some of them spent a long time on their work and then came back for more because they were so bursting with ideas.

  4. "It was fascinating to watch the children create these monsters..."

    Yeah, I'll bet. You sir, need a video camera for your next workshop. Or at least: I want you to have one.


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