Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Gallery 83 - Art Exhibition Part 3

Another batch of excellent Southend kids work today, some very original ideas because many of them did not know anything about Frankenstein's Monster so came at it from a fresh perspective. You can tell which ones looked through the folder containing all the cards I have received so far, as they generally went with the green face.

Two from Jamie, aged 11 (Pen, marker and coloured pencil)

Gram, aged 7 (Felt tip pen and pencil)

Gracie, aged 9 (Felt tip pen and marker)

Three from a very prolific George, aged 9 (Felt tip pen, coloured pencil and marker)

Flynn, aged 5 (Coloured pencil)

Ezra, aged 6 (Felt tip pen and marker)


  1. Each fantastic in its own way!

  2. i agree with Wings. however Gracie's piece is mesmerizing.

  3. I love kids art, I was walking through my daughters school library looking at the art & was blown away by the fantastic art. Too bad kids grow up to be evil adults.


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