Saturday, 12 September 2009

Art Exhibition

I will be exhibiting the two Frankenstein Monster paintings below at an art exhibition at Tiffins Bar and Restaurant in Southend on Sunday 20 September from 12-6pm.

I will also be running a "Patchwork Of Flesh" workshop for anyone who wants to come and create a Frank card, all card and materials provided.

This will hopefully give me some new cards to upload here as new submissions have slowed down dramatically recently. So come on people get scribbling, we need some new monsters to gawp at.

"Bass Monster"

"A Patchwork Of Flesh"


  1. Those are a good pair. Nice stuff. Have to see if I can get my kids to get some submissions in!

  2. awesome paintings yer showing!

    and i'm getting to work on a few more submissions soon.


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