Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Gallery 82 - Art Exhibition Special Part 2

As promised, here are some of the fantastic children's cards that were created at the art show on Sunday.
All of the artists are from the Southend-on-sea area. Come back tomorrow for another selection.

Jaz and Molly, age 15 (Ballpoint pen and markers)

Ivy, age 5 (Felt tip pen and markers)

Emilia, age 9 (Felt tip pens and markers) What a great drawing, Emilia spent almost an hour on this one.

The next two are both by Alfie, age 8 (Coloured pencil)

Patrick, age 6 (Coloured pencils and markers)

Anonymous (Felt tip pens and markers)


  1. So interesting to see the ways people, kids and adults alike, interpret the same idea. Very cool.

  2. All of these are wonderful. I particularly love Alfie's. The color, especially the blue shading on the Creature's face, is really quite awesome.

  3. fab
    love how they've picked more colourful tones making him less 'dark' ...
    but the face mostly remains green

  4. Sorry we couldn't make it, but were at the Regatta - great artwork. The first two are faves


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