Sunday, 4 October 2009

Gallery 91

A mini-milestone today, with my 100th post.
Raymond Furlotte, Montreal, Canada (Hand cut photographs mounted on card)


  1. Interesting, for sure, but how do you deal with submissions that don't follow your size guidelines?

  2. I've only had 2 cards that exceed the size restrictions and both were from individuals who are involved in mail art. I guess that the limitations did not work for what they wanted to create.
    If an exhibition materializes, I will only show cards that are the correct size as only those will fit in the sleeves I would like to exhibit in.

  3. Cool. I was just curious. :)

  4. congrats on post 100! you used a great piece to ring it in. very hall of mirrors looking.

    just curious but what's this sleeve business all about? the next piece i was going to submit is the standard card size but it will be a quarter inch thick. just wondering if it'd fit the sleeve.

  5. wiec?, I've got other cards that thick that fit in the sleeves just fine.

  6. awesome. just checking.

    thanks Coop.


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