Monday, 26 October 2009

Gallery 105

David Lee Ingersoll, Seattle,USA (Marker and coloured pencil)
The postman has just been and I've got the last piece, so here it is:

......and here is the grand unveiling of the complete piece.

A huge thanks to David for a beautiful piece of work, I'm sure you'll all agree.
Please visit Gallery 57 to check out David's other wonderful submissions.


  1. Cool. The boys are back together again. Thank you!

    In keeping with the idea of building things in pieces I've started a series of posts on the step by step drawing of the illustration over at my blog.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Thanks David, I'll be over for a look.

  3. Finally! I really like this, though I still keep wanting to order the individual cards by favorite (the Creature's left hand and right breast are my top two, by the way, viewed without the greater context). Thanks for making these, Mr. Lee (I also liked the original sketch at your blog a lot).

    Plus, this need to go into the record: it is completely boggling that Coop managed to correctly guess, all the way at the very beginning, exactly what it was he was looking at, torn knee and all.

  4. Mr Cavin - do you know why I thought that was a torn knee from the beginning? I've got a picture of Joey Ramone in a pair of ripped jeans that looked exactly the same!

  5. Amazing! Not sure whether I love the piece or the way it was slowly unveiled to us! :)

  6. Happy Halloween, Coop (and Patchwork of Flesh readers)!


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