Friday, 23 October 2009

Gallery 102

Laurie Ljubojevic, Tokyo, Japan (Acrylic paint dots on found card) dotiste

Laurie is a visual artist who dots paper (both found and handmade) by placing tiny dots of acrylic paint on the surface and by puncturing through the paper with pins & needles.


  1. Uh... I don't see Frankie there. Am I looking at it... wrong?

  2. Wings - Neither do I, I have looked at Laurie's blog and all of her work seems to be abstract. Judging by the date on the back of the card it was produced before I even started this project.
    I think that she found a call for submissions on a mail art website and sent in a piece she already had.
    It came in an envelope addressed to A Patchwork Of Flesh so I have uploaded it to the gallery as promised in the sidebar.
    Perhaps if Laurie drops by here she can let us know if Frank is present or not.
    I really like the effect of the card regardless, it is very tactile.

  3. I took as a metaphoric Poking Holes in the Veil Between Life and Death sort of thing.


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