Monday, 18 May 2009

Gallery 25

Something a little different today. I didn't get any cards from the postie this morning but I did get a cool Universal Frankenstein Monster figure that I won on Ebay. I took a few photos in the garden and have done some amateur remixes using a variety of Photoshop effects.


  1. Wow - you did all that with a figure & Photoshop? Nice!

  2. Hi Coop, blogs looking good. Thanks for adding my pics. How did you manage that pop-art look to # 3? I've been trying to get that on Photoshop myself, but nearest I could manage was using the 'cut out' filter.


  3. Very cool I 'm gonna have to scrap my crappy ol Coreldraw

  4. Hi Lee, thanks for sending so many! I used the cut-out filter and messed about with the levels until I got the pop-art look. Adjusting the colour saturation sometimes helps too.


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