Saturday, 16 May 2009

Gallery 24

Lee Healey, Dartford, UK

"Recycle Flesh" by Coelho Dyas, Santarem, Portugal


  1. Greetings, and thanks for post mt Frankie card :)I would like to make you a sugestion, it was most interesting if you in every card said what media it was done,becouse in some gallerys there are more then one card with different artists, and people dont know what media was use to ich of theam.
    Keep with this great project, i liked.


  2. OK, Coelho's piece was painted in enamels, I know that because he made a note of it. However, artists don't usually tell me what media they have used, it is usually obvious but there are so many different types of pens and markers and collage materials that it is not always possible to give accurate descriptions of media used without being given that info.

  3. I like how I can still get a feel of Karloff's face with the first one here. Very nice, they both are great.

  4. It also reminds me of DC's Martian Manhunter.


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