Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Gallery 117 Happy Christmas

Here's a little Festive Frankie I knocked up with pen and watercolours this afternoon to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Thanks a million to everybody who has contributed or visited this year and made this a very enjoyable project.

My daughter Jamie, who's 12, has also entered into the Christmas monster spirit, here's her Chrimbo Creature.


  1. great stuff Coops!! New Years Resolution is to finally get our entries in to you... we both know what design we are doing, just not put pen to paper (or card) as yet.

    Top news that you've managed to knock up a CD for the Elms bash, that's brilliant. I've put the word out that you are getting involved, so hopefully there will be a few copies of other peoples discs to take home with you.

    Think it's a 5.30-6pm start if you are partaking in food, or a 6.30 - 7pm start if you aint!

    Look forward to seeing you there... Merry Christmas!


  2. Happy creepy Christmas both Frankies

  3. Cool! I love the cross-stitches. Happy Christmas, Coop and Jamie.

  4. happy frankenchristmas to you Coops, Mrs C and little C's :
    have really loved seeing every Frank as you've unwrapped him :
    it's been like christmas all year round!
    ❤&otherdemons ~~~ Dee x


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