Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Gallery 62

Second week of the summer holidays and as usual the weather is patchy at best, so the kids need things to do. They had friends round today so we made some Frank cards.

My "Saturday Morning Monster" is a kid's cartoon monster that would have his own Saturday morning show between Spongebob and Ben 10 (Red, black and blue ballpoint pens)

"Spongebob Square Frank" and "Little Orphan Stein" by my daughter Jamie, age 11 (Felt tip pens and markers)

"Union Frank" and "Stitch" by Claire, age 11 (felt pens and markers)

"Robostine" by my son Gram, age 7 (Felt tip pens)

"Mr Stine" by Sam, age 9 (Pencil and felt tip pens)


  1. Love them all! Some wonderful versions of Franky!!!

  2. Ah, Sponge Bob as Frankenstein - warms the heart! :)



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